Laughter As Cat Has 'Existential Crisis' After Breaking Litter Tray

2023-03-02 01:30:09 By : Mr. Albert Zheng

A cat's dramatic reaction to breaking her litter tray has the internet in hysterics.

This weekend, Facebook user Cerie shared a photo of her domestic shorthair Elly to THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y—an online group dedicated to plus-size felines. Pet Toys

Laughter As Cat Has

The snap shows a litter tray with the top ripped off, with Elly still standing in the lid. The accident appears to have caused a deep crisis of confidence, with Elly's shocked expression earning her over 8,500 likes.

According to her owner Cerie, it was a failed jump that led to the damage.

"She broke the toilet by trying to jump out of it, but she doesn't have much confidence, so the jump was less successful than she had hoped it'd be," the New York native told Newsweek.

Cerie describes the seven-year-old black cat as "clumsy in general," but this is the first time she's managed to damage her litter tray.

"Luckily my partner Eric snapped the picture before she ran away," she said.

"She's not really confident—she CAN jump and do things, but she doesn't really believe in herself, which leads her to clumsiness.

"She's a very sweet girl but is shy and doesn't really believe in her ability to do things (even though we do!)."

When she's not breaking toilets, Elly likes to curl up for naps with her sister Amy and to be "held like a baby."

"Elly's general state of being is a mild existential crisis, but I think [the toilet incident] might have caused a bit more of one than normal," Cerie said.

"She might just be sleeping these 15 minutes of [internet fame] away."

Fellow cat lovers couldn't get enough of Elly's toilet troubles—or her hilarious expression—with Carolyn Good writing: "THE FACE."

"She looks absolutely bewildered," agreed Carly McAllister.

"The face of immediate regret and self reflection," said Amber Chin.

"Musta been a doozie," commented Andrew Dodson.

"Yall would be traumatized too if you broke the toilet," said Alexa Marie.

"This Cat Is S H O O K E T H," wrote Jeremy Marr.

"Existential crisis mode activated," joked Holly Hylton.

"Pondering her entire existence," added Trent Loving.

"She didn't mean to! Give her pets and crunchy treats, she's upset," demanded William Feuss.

While Dixie Marie Thomas commented: "She needs a lawyer because it was clearly not rated for her gloriousness."

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Laughter As Cat Has

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